The Artopium Art Troupe
For people who are ready for a creative adventure.
Maybe it will surprise you to notice that you have a growing interest and fancination in urban camping, but you will be even more shocked to find out that Artopium's Roving Festival is completely run, maintained and organized by urban campers. When you join the Artopium Art Troupe you will become a member of a group of creative, young, smart go-getters like yourself, who are dedicated to the humble gypsy lifestyle that comes with your nomadic nature. Together the Art Troupe roves in an effort to create new art niches in the places they visit.

The Artopium Art Troupe is currently forming and gathering itself in the city of Portland, Oregon and will be stationed there until all positions in the Art Troupe have been filled, the Artopium Art Booth has been created, and the organization of a special, secret festival-in-the-works. Once this has been achieved we hope to travel throughout the world to throw more festivals.

Before joining the Art Troupe, there are a few things to consider:

1st: We are currently located in Portland Oregon and will be for the next year, so if you are not from Portland you will need to find your own transportation here.

2nd: You must be an Artist Member before you even think about contacting anybody. This is the first step in the initiation as outlined in the Charter and serves to prove your seriousness. It's not hard, totally free and only takes about ten minutes, so just do it now. Go sign up to

3rd: Look over the Artopium Art Troupe Charter and make sure you understand all of the requirements for becoming an Art Troupe Member.

We are currently looking for new troupe members who possess some of these qualities:

You are creative or artistic in some way.

You like to go camping and are keen on adventure. You also have and own your own camping gear.

You are not opposed to guerrilla urban camping.

You are a hard and loyal worker; it takes a lot to put a festival together.

It's not necessary, but it helps if you have some experience in stage managing, sound engineering, promotion, etc.

You REALLY want to do this!

Although Artopium is a sole proprietor business, and the Artopium Art Troupe is the creation of Artopium, the Troupe itself is structured as a quasi-coop with profit sharing and meal sharing. The profits to be shared will first be used to purchase Troupe supplies (such as food), then divvied amongst Troupe Members. Although this might earn a small income, ALL profits are essentially created by the sales of or from each Troupe Member's artistic endeavors. In other words profit is almost always derived from the Art Troupe Members artistic work, with potential profits from festivals and other events coming as they may.

One of the primary functions of the Art Troupe is to help make artists aware of the fantastic benefits of using to sell their art, music, fashion, film or book, as well as encourage sales at the Art Booth and on the website. The Art Troupe also hopes to spread a social message by showing that even those who live outside of four-walled structures can be effectual citizens and participate in society. Taking this message directly to the streets, the Art Troupe hopes to join hands with charity organizations to create benefit festivals organized and created by homeless youth; the profits of which in part will help the charity of their choice.

Oh, yeah, we're going to be filming and documenting a lot of this so you really shouldn't be camera shy.

If you are interested in learning more about The Artopium Art Troupe, please contact us. We would love to talk and possibly meet with you for our next adventure!

Read the Troupe FAQ for more information.

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