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Artopium Art Troupe Charter

The Artopium Art Troupe is a collective of artists and musicians dedicated to furthering the goals of the website Artopium.com and the Artopium Roving Festival (RovingFestival.com) by living a Guerrilla Urban Camping lifestyle with the rest of the Art Troupe Members, by helping to set up and promote Artopium Events and by helping to run and maintain the Artopium Art Booth, while roving throughout the world.

Artopium promotes the general idea that through art and music an under privileged or low income individual can make enough from their trade to better their lives. We are dedicated to working with local organizations that provide benefits to the less fortunate, usually for those who are currently without permanent shelter. We are dedicated to bringing opportunities to less fortunate and low income artists, and to helping communities benefit not only by the added revenue but by helping to present local art and culture in a new and unique format, allowing communities a new expression of their own identity.


"Spange-ing is not an art"


All Members of the Artopium Art Troupe must have and maintain a valid and active Artopium.com account.

2. All initiates to the Artopium Art Troupe should be considered by current Members as a currently practicing Artist.

3. All initiates must show all current Members that they have all the appropriate Equipment for Guerrilla Urban Camping.

4. All initiates must show to all the current Members that they are ready and capable of Guerrilla Urban Camping by camping with the current Art Troupe Members for a trial period of two weeks.

5. All initiates shall be 18 years of age or older.

6. All initiates shall submit a 1 minute video they have taken of themselves (using either their own or the Troupe's equipment) that may be included in future episodes of
"Artopium's Guide to Guerrilla Urban Camping".

7. All initiates must show that they are capable of surviving in the urban environment by earning money on the streets through any artistic means; this means no spange-ing or using signs. Initiates may sell their art or craft or busk or perform any activity that may be construed by the general public as art. All initiates must earn $50 in Federal Reserve notes within a one week period.

8. All initiates must prove they are capable of maintaining good hygiene while guerrilla urban camping by taking a shower in the city park or some other city/urban environment.

9. All current Troupe Members will take a vote to decide unanimously whether the initiate shall become an Artopium Troupe Member.

10. All Artopium Art Troupe Founders are exempt from all Initiations.

Rules & Guidelines

After an Art Troupe Member has passed initiation they will be required to give at least a weeks notice of their intention to leave the troupe or otherwise shall suffer the consequence of never being allowed into the Troupe again.

2. Troupe Members shall always show a polite and respectful attitude while representing the Artopium name in public.

3. No Art Troupe Member shall ever ask a stranger for money without providing art in return.
4. All Troupe Members shall participate in Artopium Activities to the best of their ability.

5. All Troupe Members shall contribute their time and energy towards helping with daily Troupe functions as described in the Weekly Work Roster. If the Director or another Art Troupe Member informs the Director that the Troupe Member in question has not performed their work or has performed their work poorly, or has performed their work in such a way as to cause either monetary and/or reputable damages to Artopium, the Art Troupe, the Art Booth, the Roving Festival, or any of it's affiliates, on the first incident a verbal warning will be issued to the Troupe Member in question and on all further incidents all Art Troupe Members will vote and decide by a unanimous vote whether the Troupe Member in question shall be expelled from the Art Troupe.

6. All Troupe Members shall engage in their particular artistic endeavors for a reasonable amount of time per week. “Reasonable amount of time”, is determined case by case and can include many factors, such as type or medium of art, time dedicated to other Troupe functions, etc. and will be agreed upon by a general consensus within the Art Troupe.

7. No Troupe Member shall drink any amount of alcohol that would impair their ability to perform Troupe functions.

8. The following substances are absolutely forbidden:

Crack / Cocaine
Methamphetamine (“Crystal Meth”)
MDMA (Molly or Ecstasy)

OTC or prescription drugs not specifically prescribed for an illness or ailment.
9. All Art Troupe Members shall maintain relatively good hygiene while guerrilla urban camping, performing Art Troupe functions, or acting in the name of Artopium or it's affiliates.

10. All Art Troupe Members must be willing to allow their image (whether still or moving) to be taken and digitally displayed on the Internet for the sake of the Art Troupe's Internet Shows.

11. All Artopium Art Troupe Founders are exempt from all Rules & Guidelines.

Art Troupe Positions

The Founders of the Artopium Art Troupe are those who have brought this charter into being and who have helped to create the Artopium Art Troupe, and are named as:

Michael David Betthauser (a.k.a. Artopium Mike)

The Director handles the management of daily tasks as set forth by the Weekly Work Roster. The Director will help to see that each Troupe Member starts and completes their tasks also set forth by the Weekly Work Roster. The Director helps with training Troupe Members in new work positions and answers any questions Members may have about work assignments. The Director will also help, to the best of their ability, to resolve disputes and misunderstandings that may arise, and that do not need to be mitigated further by instigating a vote by the rest of the Troupe Members. Prerequisites for filling the Director position are: The Director must have filled every other position in the Art Troupe to the degree of total competence; All existing Members of the Art Troupe have voted unanimously that the candidate for Director has succeeded in reaching total competence with all Art Troupe work positions and that all Art Troupe Members are comfortable with taking directions from said candidate.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for handling the Art Troupe monies, including the purchase of Art Troupe equipment, the depositing of earned income, the paying out of Troupe profit shares, collecting Purchase Cards and using them to purchase groceries, after which the cards are returned, and maintaining the Art Troupe accounting ledgers. Prerequisites for filling the Treasurer position are: the candidate can prove experience in money handling and accounting; All existing members of the Art Troupe have voted unanimously that the candidate for Treasurer has succeeded in proving expertise in money handling and accounting and that all Art Troupe Members are comfortable with said candidate handling Art Troupe monies.

Booth Salespeople: 2 Art Troupe Members, as set forth in the Weekly Work Roster, will be responsible for constructing and deconstructing the Artopium Art Booth, setting up items for sale, actively selling items to customers, completing transactions, and transporting Art Booth equipment from location to location as needed by Art Troupe functions. Booth Salespeople will be responsible for handling and storing earned monies until handed to the Treasurer for deposit. Prerequisites for filling the Booth Salesperson position are: A Booth Salesperson must have been voted capable by all the Troupe Members by a unanimous vote; A Booth Salesperson has been trained by the Art Troupe Director.

Photographer / Cameraman: The cameraman is responsible for capturing the Art Troupe Members on film and video for the sake of the Art Troupe's Internet show, “Artopium's Guide to Urban Camping”. Prerequisites for Cameraman are: the Cameraman has prior experience in film or video or has been trained by the Art Troupe Director.

Editor: The Editor is responsible for editing the video footage taken by the Cameraman into the Internet showArtopium's Guide to Urban Camping”. The Prerequisites for filling the Editor position are: The Editor must have prior experience or have gone to school for video editing.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for maintaining files, operating telephones, typing letters and other clerical functions necessary to carry out the daily functions of the Art Troupe. The Prerequisites for filling the Secretary position are: The Secretary must be able to type 40 words per minutes or faster, must have excellent communication skills, and have knowledge in using office computer software for the purpose of creating documents and spreadsheets.

Data Processor: The data processor is responsible for maintaining the Art Troupe's Internet accounts, including Myspace, Facebook, Google, YouTube, LiveJournal, Tribe.net, Blogger, and general email accounts by working with the Troupe Secretary, Troupe Editor and Troupe Director to post copy, promotional literature, Internet videos or any other digital media, to these accounts, for the purpose of promoting the Artopium Art Troupe, Artopium's Roving Festival, and Artopium.com. The Prerequisites for filling the Data Processor position are: The Data Processor must have prior experience in using a computer and the Internet and has been trained by the Art Troupe Director.

Cook: The Art Troupe Cook shall prepare meals as set forth by the Weekly Troupe Menu. The prerequisites for being the Troupe Cook are: you have prior experience in cooking for large groups in the outdoors, or has been trained by the Director.

Dishwasher: Is responsible for maintaining the Washing Station, and cleaning all Troupe cooking equipment immediately after all meals cooked by the Cook. Prerequisites for filling the Dishwasher position are: none.

Fire Troll: The Fire Troll is responsible for collecting or purchasing wood for the sake of heating the wood burning stove necessary to warm the Art Troupe Camp at night during the winter. The Prerequisites for filling the Fire Troll position are: none.

Water Troll: The Water Troll is responsible for fetching or purchasing water for the purpose of cooking Art Troupe meals, washing dishes, and having at least a gallon of drinking water available at all times while at the Art Troupe Urban Camp. The Prerequisites for filling the Water Troll position are: none.

Profit Sharing

All profits earned by artistic items sold at the Artopium Art Booth shall be subject to profit sharing. Profits shall be shared between those Troupe Members whose items were on sale within the Booth for at least 3 days of that week. 25% of all profits earned will be deposited daily into the appropriate Artopium owned bank account by the Troupe Treasurer. At the end of each week the total will be first used to purchase equipment and maintenance for the Art Booth or if necessary to help finance an Artopium Event. After these expenses have been paid, the rest will be divided equally between those Art Troupe Members that have had their artistic items for sale within the Art Booth for that week for 3 days or more.


Artopium Art Troupe, Art Troupe, Troupe The Artopium Art Troupe consists of artist members who have joined this charter in the capacity to further the goals of Artopium.com and Artopium's Roving Festivals and “Artopium's Guide to Urban Camping” by living in a semi-coop structured group that lives together while urban camping, sharing meals, and sharing a rotating set of duties necessary to maintain the functions of the Artopium Art Booth, as well as helping to plan, organize, and staff dramatically themed art festivals, all while roving throughout the world.

Artopium.com Artopium.com is a website dedicated to helping artists, musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers and authors sell their artistic works online for a fair commission. Artopium's goal is to help the underprivileged, unknown, unsigned artist make it into the limelight at least enough to pay rent. Artopium throws festivals to help promote the website and to help Artopium artist members have a direct connection to the art buying public. Artopium.com is the parent company owner of Artopium's Roving Festival and RovingFestival.com and of The Artopium Art Troupe and the Internet show “Artopium's Guide to Guerrilla Urban Camping”, and reserves the right to dissolve this Charter and the Art Troupe at any time.

Artopium's Roving Festival (RovingFestival.com) Artopium's Roving Festival helps to promote Artopium.com and helps Artopium.com artist members sell their artistic works directly to the art buying public. Each festival is planned, organized and executed by members of the Artopium Art Troupe.

Artopium Event Any event thrown by the Art Troupe or Artopium.com.

Artopium Activities All duties described in the Weekly Work Roster and any assigned tasks by the Art Troupe Director for the sake of organizing and executing an Artopium Event.

Guerrilla Urban Camping Camping in the city environment just like as if you were in the wilderness while remaining undetected, for the purpose of living a nomadic lifestyle.

Artopium Art Booth, Art Booth, Booth The Artopium Art Booth is one or more canopy tents plus walls and racks, tables, chairs and any other equipment necessary to display and sell art, music, fashion, film, and books that is constructed and deconstructed by the Artopium Art Troupe. The Art Troupe brings the booth to festivals, street corners, city parks, and wherever else it can to display and sell Artopium artist members art to the buying public.

Art Troupe Member, Troupe Member An Individual who has completed the Initiations as set forth in this charter, and maintains a lifestyle with the rest of the Art Troupe collective members.

Artist One who uses their imagination to create a tangible artifact that can generally fit into the categories art, music, fashion, film & video, and books.

Spange-ing Asking for money from strangers, whether verbally or by using a sign. Comes from the words “spare change”, as in “can you spare some change”.

Busking Playing music on the street for money.

Art Troupe's Internet Shows Any video or film footage of the Art Troupe Members in any format and including “Artopium's Guide to Urban Camping”.

Weekly Work Roster The daily work assignments for all the Positions (as defined in this charter) that the Art Troupe Members carry out as written by the Art Troupe Director for that week starting on Monday.

Artopium Weekly Menu The menu of daily meals as created by the Troupe Cook starting on Monday.

Washing Station A set of sinks or buckets such that there is one with soap, one with plain water, and one with disinfectant.

Artopium Camp, Artopium Urban Camp, Urban Camp, Camp The place where Artopium Art Troupe Members set up hammock and kitchen camps for the purpose of sleeping, eating and cleaning. This will always be a temporary structure erected by the Troupe Members and deconstructed later when the Troupe leaves to the next location.

Equipment for Guerrilla Urban Camping All Troupe Members, upon the beginning of Initiation, shall have upon them the following equipment used for the purpose of guerrilla urban camping while living with the Art Troupe:

1 hammock
1 6' x 9' camouflage tarp
100' nylon rope
1 frame pack
1 day pack
1 sleeping bag
1 sleeping bag liner (optional)
1 rain poncho or rain jacket
1 cup
1 bowl
1 spoon, fork and knife
1 weeks clothes
1 pair thermal underwear
1 pair wool socks
1 light jacket or “hoody”
1 winter jacket (preferably water resistant)
1 pair water resistant footwear
1 winter hat or cap
1 scarf (optional)
1 pair sunglasses (optional)
1 hygiene kit including:
1 toothbrush
1 tube toothpaste
1 bottle Dr. Bronner's (recommended: if not Dr. Bronner's then some other soap, dish detergent and laundry detergent).
1 compact camping towel or small towel
1 small bottle shampoo
1 bottle tea tree oil (optional but very handy)
1 small bottle of sunblock
1 small tube of Neosporin (or other triple antibiotic)
several band aids
2 water bottles

Process for changing or amending this Charter

All Troupe Founders shall agree on the change , modification, addition or deletion of or to this Charter and shall vote unanimously to see it through.

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