The Art Troupe FAQ
Have Questions about the Troupe?
What is the Artopium Art Troupe?

The Artopium Art Troupe is a collective of dedicated artisans, musicians, etc, who have pooled their resources together to help create and promote each others craft, as well has help to plan, organize and promote various themed art and music festivals while roaming throughout the US and Europe. The Art Troupe lives together and shares meals, learning time and craft time while surviving by guerilla urban camping. You can think of the Art Troupe as a perfect cross between an arts and crafts festival, and something similar to running away to join the circus. Or something like Survivorman (or Man vs. Wild) meets Lallapalooza. Ultimately, although the Art Troupe shares many benefits within it's ranks (outlined below), it's responsibility is organizing Artopium's Roving Festival.

Will the Art Troupe help me sell my art | music | fashion, etc.?

Yes! One of the main features of being in the Art Troupe is that everyone helps with each others projects. We all spend a certain amount of time everyday creating our craft, and another selling it. Some may want to sell in which they set up the Troupe's selling booth at festivals, markets and street corners and help to sell EVERYONE'S work, or some may wish to sit with the rest of the Troupe in a park or coffee shop doing the creating. By taking turns sharing the labor of various jobs, everyone practically has an entire labor force behind their creative work!

What is guerrilla urban camping?

It is camping using the survival skills necessary to sustain long duration stays in an urban or city environment. It is very similar to camping in the wilderness in that much of the same gear is used, however there are many differences as well, not excluding the fact that it's in a city. Read more about urban camping.

So you're homeless, right?

Hmm, this question always seems to raise issues and is in part exactly why we do what we do; to raise awareness to this issue. What exactly do you mean by "homeless?" If you mean that we do not have a permenant structure to withstand the variations of the climate and weather, you are right. If you mean that we are without family and partnership and the eternal sense of well being of belonging to a group of kindered spirits and a place in the heart that you can always come back to, then you are dead wrong. We have that and a lot more too. How many homeless people do you know that travel around the world throwing art festivals, helping others to make a living from their creative works? Well, if you use the first definition, I guess you could say as many are as in the Troupe! Depends on how you look at it.

Do I have to live outside if I want to join the Troupe?

Not necessarily, but you won't benefit from all that the Troupe has to offer if you aren't living the Troupe. Just like it's hard to join the circus, if you don't live the circus. Just like a music band must live the band (especially while on tour). I could go on. You are most welcome to participate in the Troupe's activities while the Troupe is in your town, but to truly be a member of the Art Troupe you must live the Troupe's lifestyle. If you enjoy camping and you love art and creativity, you'll love this. So don't worry. It's a great option if you're ready for it. That's all.

So how do I join the Troupe?

Well, do you have an Artist Member account? That's first, then contact us and let us know! We accept all artist members who want to guerilla urban camp with us, participate in the Troupe's acitivities, and be willing to share labor and resources with the group to obtain the group's goals, especially planning and organizing the Roving Festival. It also helps if you have experience in art and music promotion, event coordination, sound and lighting and or stage expertise, etc. But regardless of experience, anyone who has the right spirit and attitude is welcome. The right spirit and attitude being one of creativity and sharing, of course.
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