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As an artist, I'm sure you know what it's like to have had put so much time and effort into your talents and inspirations and then find that there weren't many places to exhibit them. I imagine you were probably excited about your new creative endeavor and wanted to share it with everyone, but later you found out that there were only a few places, if any, that you could show or perform your work. It can be really frustrating at times; I know, I've been there.

Now, an exciting new way of thinking just opened up that allows you to exhibit and perform your work in places no one has ever thought to before. Artopium's Roving Festival can do this for you because your talents are dispayed within the festival's temporary "art niche"; an autonomous zone for your creative talents, made available and hosted by local businesses within your community. The Roving Festival may be in a parking lot, street intersection, bar patio, theater, or any other number of places, but always with a professional mixed media setup allowing festival attendees to easily experience everything. And you can relax in the knowledge that everything is set up for you as we will provide all the stage,
sound, lighting and electrical access that is required to make sure that your art, music, fashion, film or book is shown in the best way possible. All that's really important is that once you get booked, you simply show up with the proper (band, booth) equipment and do your thing! We'll take care of the rest.

As you've probably guessed, the first step in participating in the next Roving Festival event is to become an Artist Member of, your all-inclusive, online consignment service for your art, music, fashion, film or book. So what are you waiting for?

Join It's free and easy to use.

Once you have become an Artopium Artist Member, remember that it is important that you complete your Artopium profile as much as possible. The more effort you put into making sure that your Artopium profile page has all proper text, images, sound and video, the more of a chance there is that your work or performance will get booked.

Artists / Vendors

NOTE:There will be severl levels of vendor space available for the upcoming festival "Third Eye." There are a few spots available right on the sidewalk, where a vendor will gain the most exposure, that can be reserved for the normal booth fee. Throughout the rest of the festival will be other spots available AT NO CHARGE :) for anything from a 10 x 10 canopy booth, to a table to a blanket on the ground. To get one of these spots all you have to do is sign up to and become an artist member so that we can begin promoting your work right away! How cool is that?!?! Once you've signed up just contact us and let us know so we can reserve a spot for you!

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Artopium is always looking for new, unique bands, dance performances, solo artists, fashion designers and filmmakers to participate in the roving festivals. If you and/or your band would like to perform in an upcoming festival, please contact us for booking.

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