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For artists who take their work seriously.

I don't know where you've been, but if you haven't noticed the epic change occuring in the media industries world wide then you must not be paying much attention. The old methods of art, music, fashion, film and book marketing have flown out the window and everyone is scrambling to find a "new way", a new means in which to sell their artist endeavors online. And wouldn't you like to enjoy being able to pay your rent and bills solely through your ~Creative Work~? Isn't that what the Internet is suppose to do for you? Consider for a moment all of the new technologies and websites that have popped up over the last decade and it's no wonder that it can seem like a daunting task to choose the right way to go. I mean, how many artists are really making it through the big corporate gateways? And in the end, you don't want to put the ~Creative Work~ that you put your long, hard, well practiced and skilled hours into on some corporate website that makes ad revenue from your content. That's why we made Artopium.com. It has emerged as a way to truely put thousands of independent artists, musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers and authors, such as yourself, into the limelight.

Naturally, Artopium needed to extend beyond the realm of the Internet and into reality and thereby created Artopium's Roving Festival. And so it has been done to bring to you a direct link to the art buying public. Artopium roves throughout the world (currently Portland, OR) to organize and promote a variety of exciting, innovative, themed festivals whithin which you may sell, display, distribute, play, perform, act out, collaborate with, demonstrate, and create your art, music, fashion, film and/or books. It may be that you'll enjoy displaying and selling your original paintings, or perhaps you'd like to have your band perform. Can you imagine putting on your own play? You can do it at Artopium's Roving Festival!

And to kick start this roving celebration of creativity the sole proprietor owner of Artopium, Mike Betthauser (a.k.a. Artopium Mike) has begun to humbly travel throughout the U.S. IN SEARCH OF NEW, intriguing and stunning locations; additional members to the Artopium Art Troupe; and of course the many fantastic artists, musicians and performers, such as yourself, that will make up the festival's content.

And now you're probably wondering how you can get involved in the next Roving Festival. It's simple! Just read more here about participating in Artopium's fantastic events.

Not sure you're convinced yet? Read more about what Artopium does for it's artists.

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