What we do for artists
For artists and musicians who are dedicated to what they do.
I know how hard it is to make a decent earning from one's artistic work, having produced and sold several of my own music albums. I also make and sell macrame jewelry, not to mention my many friends who are painters trying to get their works into the galleries. It can be a lot of work, and for all the time, effort and money that you put into getting people to recognize your talent, sometimes it just doesn't seem like it pays off.

Now, consider for a moment the ideal consignment service suited for an independent artist such as yourself, dedicated to the continual promotion of your work; that puts everything aside other than the integrity and value of your creativity. Imagine a place where, once you join Artopium for free, you have both an online media presence, including images, sound and video, as well as a continual opportunity to connect directly with the art buying public through art and music festivals. You are now thinking about Artopium's Roving Festival!

The Roving Festival event locations are most often places not usually associated with art and music (such as parking lots, co-ops, theaters, city parks, waterfronts, bridges, etc.) inso providing artists like yourself
with new, unique, and intriguing locations and venues to perform and display your work. You can imagine this as creating new "temporary art niches" within your local community and thus increasing the amount of art "space" available in your province, city or town.

The Roving Festival is it's own promotion vehicle, and spends the required amount of time, energy and money to promote it's shows. The Roving Festival prints fliers for you to hand out, but the Roving Festival also ensures a large number fliers go out through professional circulation. The Roving Festival hangs posters, places newspaper and magazine ads, and if possible provides local TV and radio news spots ensuring that you and your work get as much attention as possible.

The Roving Festival operates as egalitarian as possible. Although, sometimes Artopium will book a more well known act as a headliner, most of the performance slots are filled with local artists, musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers and authors just like you! Artopium will never hold an elitist attitude toward your art or music; all are welcome!

The Roving Festival organizes a mixed media show, involving any mixture of your theater, music, dance, visual art, installation art, video, fashion, poetry or any other art form you can imagine. By giving the event a theme, these different art forms can come together for one evening to have a connected meaning. Although, in any case, your art and music speaks for itself.

The Roving Festival strives to continue its endeavors in a humble manner, always putting your work and your earnings above the earnings of the Artopium Art Troupe. Don't believe it!? Continue reading about our chosen lifetyle and why it not only benefits you and your work, but shows the world how serious Artopium is to putting your work above the pettiness of corporate greed that you will find in most other art and music consignment servies. As you will see, when it comes to your creative work, anything is possible.

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