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Artopium's Roving Festival is an exciting and brand new way of thinking about art and music festivals. We organize and promote a themed, mixed media festival providing many activities and opportunities of artistic expression for underpriviledged or unknown artists. We're different from other art festivals because we throw festivals more often, in a more variety of places, with a variety of themes, giving us a flexiblity that allows for your sponsorship to be taylor fit to meet the needs of your company. We are a traveling and roving festival allowing us to have your logo carried through many events in different locations, providing a wider range of marketing opportunities.

We are a grassroots, start up, sole proprietorship, run by a festival staff of volunteers and individually contracted employees. We have thrown a total of 5 festivals, helped in part to create Art Outside 2008, and have had 4 previous sponsors, all of which have been small local businesses. We are now seeking sponsorship from larger companies for larger projects.

We are dedicated to working with local organizations that provide benefits to the less fortunate, usually for those who are currently without permenant shelter. We are dedicated to bringing opportunities to less fortunate and low income artists, and to helping communities benefit not only by the added revenue but by helping to present local art and culture in a new and unique format, allowing communities a new expression of their own identity.

What kind of festival is it?

Artopium's Roving Festival is adaptable to many locations and can be in a parking lot, street intersection, city park, venue, or anywhere that seems fiting for the objectives and ideals of the theme used to connect the varied participating artists and musicians along with your company's goals. We can work with the local city council to make sure all the permits are necessary for use of public space, or we can work with local businesses who host the festival on their private property.

Each festival is presented as an all day art fair centered around back to back performances of all types. If space is available we try to use multiple stages. Each festival is a mixture of many mediums and genres of art, music, fashion, film, and books and includes many activities focusing on each genre and type of art displayed.

Activites may include:

Battle of the bands
Live body and face painting
Fashion show
Book signing
Film short
Open mic
Dancing with live djs
Live drawing and sketching contest
Kids paint area
Interactive installation art presentations
Topic lectures or speechs
Trades and skills workshops focused on the arts
"Pizza art" contest

Some Sponsor Benefits

Artopium promotes the general idea that through art and music an underpriveledged or low income individual can make enough from their trade to better their lives. By having your company connected to this basic underlying theme does two things for your image: connects you with the bettering of the community through art and music, connects you with the bettering of individuals lives through the practical sale of their talents.

Your sponsorship in part with other sponsorships, contributions, donations, volunteer efforts help to pay for the many facets needed to put the festival together, but also help to pay celebrity performers and bands as well as help to waive booth fees for artists.

So far, the festivals have been located at private locations, and through grassroots promotion have been able to generate on average around 500 to 600 attendees. For upcoming festivals we are seeking public spaces such as city parks and street intersections that can hold much larger crowds, in areas of town known for more pedestrian foot traffic.

Current Sponsorship Packages

Artopium's Roving Festival next event is called the "Third Eye" and will be held at the Third Eye Shoppe located near the intersection of Hawthorne Blvd. and SE 39th, Portland, OR on August 23rd 2014. We are currently offering the following sponsorship opportunities for local businesses located near Hawthorne who would like to support local art and associate their companies image with the local Portland art scene. The price of Tradesman Sponsorship Package can be negotiated if necessary.

Download the complete 2014 Roving Festival sponsorship packet

Download the 2014 Roving Festival sponsorship application

Pay For Your Sponsorship Online

To become a Sponsor of Artopium's Roving Festival is as simple as selecting a package below and submitting your payment via credit card using our paypal shopping cart. You don't need a PayPal account to pay, just a Visa, Discover, American Express or Mastercard. Once your payment has been submitted please be sure to submit your company logo to us by email so we can place it on the site immediately. Email your logo and all company verbage to [email protected]

Tradesman Sponsorship – $100 - scalable to fit your budget.

Scalable Prices

Virtuoso Sponsorship - $200

Master Sponsorship - $300:

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